Regional and District Policy Plan Development

Our team at Incite is highly skilled and experienced in policy and plan development for both regional and district plans. We enjoy working collaboratively alongside Council staff assisting with all stages of plan development, from plan drafting and Section 32 assessments, through to writing Section 42A reports and supporting hearing processes (including independent assistance to hearing panels). We provide robust planning solutions for complex issues, with a focus on a fit-for-purpose plan that is both effective and useable. Our consent processing experience enables a sharper focus on end users and long term implications of decisions.  We can also assist with private plan requests. Our experience includes:

Regional Policy and Plans

  • The development of the Southland Water and Land Plan;
  • Waikato Regional Council’s Healthy Rivers plan change;
  • Coastal planning in Canterbury and Southland;
  • Land, water and marine planning in Marlborough;
  • The development of the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan and several plan changes in the Canterbury Region.

District Plans

  • Drafting of plan provisions and Section 32 reports for business zones as part of the Selwyn and Timaru District Plan reviews;
  • Helping lead the Hurunui District Plan review, where our team members provided project leadership, plan drafting, Section 32 drafting, preparation of the Section 42A reports and presentation at the hearing, and assisting with the mediation of all appeals;
  • Preparing and presenting Section 42A reports for the Marlborough Environment Plan (a combined regional policy statement, regional and district plan), for topics including rural, utilities and indigenous biodiversity;
  • Providing planning assistance directly to the Christchurch Independent Hearings Panel;
  • Providing planning input and advice to Regenerate Christchurch;
  • Preparation of private plan applications to the Ashburton and Christchurch District Plans;
  • Peer reviewing draft plan changes, including Section 32 reports, to the Hurunui District Plan.